Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate Education

The college has solid strength in teaching. It has been awarded National, Shanghai municipal and university level of Teaching Achievement Awards including National Quality Course (one course), Shanghai Quality Course (two courses) and Shanghai Emphasized Course (two courses).  The college has been paying great attention to training students’ comprehensive qualities. Every discipline has labs and research rooms, among which are two  Shanghai Experiment Demonstration Centers and two international joint labs. To provide more research opportunity  for students, the college organizes dozens of Undergraduate Innovative  Experiment Programs every year. In recent years, some of our students  have won “Best Projects” and the first-class prize in the “Challenge  Cup” National University Student Extracurricular Contest. The college  has one batch of excellent young instructors, who play an important role  in guiding students in studying, school life and graduation  orientation. Student enrollment rate of graduate school both abroad and  nation-wide have been increasing steadily in recent years.  Our graduates have also become more and more competitive in job market in recent years.


Bachelor Degree Programs:

u      Textile Chemical Engineering (Sino-German Cooperation)1951

u      Applied chemistry 1979

u      Biological Engineering2000


Textile Chemical Engineering (Sino-German Cooperation)

Authorized by the Ministry of Education in 2003, the discipline of Textile Chemical Engineering (Textile Chemistry and Dyeing & Finishing) started Sino-German cooperation with our partner, university-ReutlingenUniversity  of Applied Sciences. Bilingual teaching is used in the basic courses of  chemistry, and part of the classes are lectured by foreign professors.  After two years of study, 20 percent of the undergraduates have the  opportunity to go study at Reutlingen University of Applied Sciences and  obtain dual bachelor degree awarded by both Donghua Unversity and  Reutlingen University of Applied Sciences


Applied Chemistry

This discipline values applied research and is closely related to chemical engineering.