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Master Students

Graduate Education Introduction

The  college owns two Ph.D programs (Chemistry, Textile Chemistry and Dyeing  & Finishing Engineering) and five master level programs (Textile  Chemistry and Dyeing & Finishing Engineering, Chemistry, Chemical  Engineering and Technology, Biomedical Engineering and Biochemistry and  Molecular Biology). It also has three Engineering-oriented master  programs (Textile Engineering ---Dyeing and Finishing, Chemical  Engineering and Biological Engineering). The college began to enroll  graduate students in 1959. At present, 568 postgraduate students and 113 doctoral students are enrolled in the college.

Graduate education, teaching quality and international cooperative education have been developed and improved greatly.Each year, outstanding  students are selected and sent to foreign institutes in the United  States, France, Japan, Germany, Canada, Hong Kong and other countries  and regions as exchange students.The  College always pays more attention to moral training and intellectual  and physical development of Graduate Students and has established a  system of selection and training of outstanding graduate students. Three  kinds of assistantships (teaching assistants, research assistants and  management assistants) provide good training opportunities and funding  for graduate students. Every year, many students are awarded  scholarships of  Qian-Baojun,  Cheng-Fu, Bao Steel, Yi-Zheng Fiber, “Qian-Zhiguang, Sang ma,  Honeywell, Excellent Graduate Students and others set up by the  University. The employment rate of graduate students has been 100% in the past five years.


l        Master Degree Programs:

u      Chemistry2010 { Organic chemistry2003}

u      Chemical Engineering and Technology2010{ Applied Chemistry1995)、Biochemical Engineering2005}

u      Biomedical Engineering2010

u      Textile chemistry and Dyeing & finishing engineering1981

u      Biochemistry and Molecular Biology2005

l        Master Degree of Engineering Programs:

u      Textile engineering(Dyeing and Finishing)2009

u      Chemical Engineering2010

u      Biological Engineering2011

DegreesDisciplinesResearch Fields
Master ProgramsTextile chemistry and Dyeing & finishing engineering Dyeing and finishing industry and environment protect; Dyeing and   finishing technology; Functional treatments; Superficial modify of textile;   Novel textile chemicals; Functional polymer materials; Color science and its   application 
Chemistry Organic chemistry Fluorine Chemistry; Bio-catalyst and applications; Fine Chemicals   in Textile industry; Functional materials. pharmaceutical chemistry.
Physics chemistry Physical and chemical behavior of nano-materials and   nano-electronic devices; adsorption and chemical reaction thermodynamics and   kinetics
Analytic chemistry Nano-biomedical-related analytical chemistry; high-performance   materials (fiber) structure; sensor design and application
Chemical Engineering and   TechnologyApplied Chemistry Synthesis and application of Fine chemicals; functional polymer   and nano-material; pharmaceutical chemistry; green chemistry.
Biochemical Engineering Enzyme engineering and application technique; biotechnology in   textile, biological pharmacy; biomaterials and tissue engineering;   environmental biotechnology.
Biochemistry and Molecular   Biology Protein structure and function, Protein splicing and application;   Molecular Genetics; Discovery and Development of New Drugs and Biomaterials.
Biomedical Engineering Biomaterials and tissue engineering; nano medicine and pharmacy;   pharmaceutical controlled release technology; protein engineering and   biomimetic macromolecules; biomedical textiles and biomechanics; clinical   molecular diagnostics
Master of Engineering ProgramsBiological Engineering Discovery and Development of New DrugsEnzyme and Protein EngineeringFermentation TechnologyBiomaterials and Tissue EngineeringNanomaterial and BiotechnologyBio-technology in Textile IndustryEnvironmental Biotechnology
Chemical Engineering Synthesis and application of Fine chemicals, functional polymer and nano-material, pharmaceutical chemistry, green chemistry.
Textile engineering(Dyeing and  Finishing), Dyeing and finishing industry and environment protect; Dyeing and finishing technology; Functional treatments; Superficial modify of textile; Novel textile chemicals; Functional polymer materials; Color science and its application