Mo Xiumei

  Dr. Mo Xiumei is a Professor on Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering and a Ph.D supervisor. She got her Ph.D in DonghuaUniversity in 1991, was a Postdoctor fellow of KyotoUniversity  and a Research fellow of National University of Singapore . She is a  committee member of Chinese Biomedical Engineering Society Biomaterials  Branch, a editor of Frontier of Materials Science. Her research  directions are nanofibers for tissue engineering on blood vessel, nerve  conduit, skin, bone and cartilage, biomedical hydrogel, three  dimensional scaffold from rapid prototyping.

Dr. Mo Xiumei was granted more than 10 research projects from NSFC,  Shanghai Science Committee, 863 program and so on. She published more  than 100 Journal papers, applied 20 patent, she got Shanghai Technical  Invention Award for the first class and National Science and Technology  Progress Award for the second class.