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ITAD Service Providers


Data Destruction Solutions

Our deep operational understanding of how ITAD services and function and flow allows Converge to develop right sized tools or solutions to enable high performing data destruction and fit the budget. Today, clients want more services done on-site and the locations can often change. Our portable tools for crushing drives enable easy shipping and use at a client’s location and are reasonable in cost compared to certain commonly used versions. Some ITAD operations benefit from having a small mobile shredder for drive and security shredding which we can offer in many capacities and shred sizes. Our shredding solutions also consider robust safety systems, dust control, and combustible dust compliance in their design and are a complete ready to use solution.

Secure Storage

Many clients have a need to store drives or phones before shipping to their ITAD provider. Based on our experience, multiple sizes and styles are needed to meet the demand. Converge offers wall mount, large office, and industrial sized versions of metal multi-point locking door secure storage bins with custom tamper resistant inlet slots. If a different size or specification is required, a custom secure container can be manufactured to exact specifications.

De-manufacturing tools and systems

Many electronics and mobile devices are more compact and often glued together. Whether for screen repair or battery removal, Converge can custom design and build a specialized jig or tool to increase productivity over conventional manual techniques.


  • Crushing for SSD / HDD
  • Security shredding
  • Secure metal storage bins designed for drives and mobile devices
  • Custom tools to increase de-manufacturing and repair cycle rates

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